We produce high-quality tin packaging of any level of complexity

First-class tin packaging that meets international quality standards
Customer-oriented approach and flexible loyalty system
Consolidation of modern equipment and world-class technologies
Multi-level quality control system at all stages of production

Quality you trust

Safe cover
Lid edges are curled to prevent possible injuries during handling
Ergonomic shape of "ears"
The elongated shape of "ears" eliminates the possibility of punching body with a metal handle
Logo printing
Modern equipment allows you to apply any logo upon the customer’s request, thus providing additional security against forgery of the customer’s finished products
Stiffening rib
The unique capability of the latest equipment allows to apply from 1 to 5 stiffeners to strengthen the body of the packaging
Triple bottom seaming
Triple (seven-layer) seaming of the lower bottom with the body ensures reliable tightness of packaging
External coating
Resistant to sterilisation
Tinplate GOST 13345-85
Hardness grade A2
Seam protection
Longitudinal welded seam - Wima
Reliably protects the packaging and keeps its presentation
Safe bottom
Double seaming of the bottom ensures reliable tightness
A sealing paste PVC-plastisol, suitable for food purposes that can withstand the required heat treatment (up to 121°C)
Applying an individual design will make your product unique
Wide range of color palette
Highest quality of Rasselstein (Germany)

About company

Know more
ZTI GROUP is one of the leaders in the market of plastic and metal packaging.

ZTI METALPAK is part of ZTI GROUP, which offers a wide range of tinplate packaging solutions. We offer a variety of products, from paint cans to food closure and the food cans.

Tinplate is 100% recyclable material, making it the hygienic choice for all environmentally conscious customers.

ZTI METALPAK packaging solutions are completely compatible with the strict safety requirements and offer the opportunity to create spectacular designs using modern printing technology, the high level of raw materials and machinery.

ZTI and ZTI METALPAK packaging solutions conform to the highest safety standards and are certified according to UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

We are developing a wide range of packaging which ensure the customer’s success and keep them ahead in their market.

The enterprise has large production facilities. The production park of ZTI METALPAK plant is equipped with modern and reliable high-performance equipment from leading European brands. These are sheet metal cutting lines of the Italian company CEPAK, technological lines Soudronic (Switzerland) and Sabatier (France) for the production of a welded prefabricated can; modern lines KBA-MetalPrint (Germany) for tinplate varnishing with a gas drying system for paints and varnishes, as well as a Rainer Naroska line (Germany) for the production of “Twist-off”lids.

We take a responsible approach to the issue of the quality of our products. Quality control is carried out in accordance with the QMS standards and is an integral part of the production of all ZTI METALPAK products. The products of ZTI METALPAK are certified, manufactured in conformity with GOST (State Standard) and meet the provisions of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRCGS Packaging Materials. Our quality control laboratory is equipped with specialized instruments and test benches, with qualified staff; all these allows continuous monitoring of the production process, from the acceptance of raw materials to the shipment of final products.

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