Coating department

Coating machines KBA-MetalPrint allow to achieve high quality of varnishing, which is one of the main components of the quality of manufactured metal packaging.

Modern European equipment
The use of imported raw materials
High quality coating

An essential stage in the production of metal packaging is the coating of the metal surface with enamels and lacquers to protect against mechanical and corrosion damage. The plant is equipped with two latest modifications of KBA-MetalPrint coating machines (Germany) for coating tinplate with a system for thermal drying of paint materials in a gas oven. As one of the most advanced coating machines on the market, it incorporates a range of advanced technologies:

  • high productivity (up to 7000 sheets/ hour);
  • synchronization of the entire production line;
  • afterburning system for solvent vapors;
  • built-in system for washing oven frames.

For tin coating, materials of European production are used: PPG, Darex, Valspar

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