Slitting department

At this point, metal cutting is carried out, as well as stamping of components for the subsequent assembly of metal packaging.

Automated equipment
High precision and productivity
Serving by foreign experts

Cutting of sheet metal takes an important place in the technological chain of manufacturing metal packaging. The quality of the finished product directly depends on how accurately and correctly this operation is performed. The specialists of the technological department select the most advantageous technology for dividing rolled metal into blanks and draw up cutting cards.

Cutting of sheet metal is carried out using disk shears of the famous Italian company, CEPAK. The equipment has a reliable design and is characterized by high cutting accuracy, which significantly improves the quality of the further technological process. Production speed: up to 40 sheets per minute.

Slitting department is also equipped with high-performance automated presses of European production for stamping components for metal pacakging (cap, ring latch lid, drum).

After cutting, all blanks are stored in the warehouse and subsequently used in technological lines for the production of metal packaging.

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