Storage department

Our own equipped storage space with an area of more than 4000 m2, allow us to keep the necessary stock of finished products for customers and ensure the efficiency of shipments.

Large stock of finished products
High efficiency of shipments
Convenient loading and unloading area

The plant has its own warehouse complex with an area of more than 4000 m2, which allows us to place all the necessary production stocks. Two of them are used to organize efficient production logistics:

  • logistics stock-room (storage of raw materials and supplies);
  • finished productsstock-room.

Stock-rooms are equipped with modern shelving equipment, as well as equipment for loading and unloading and intra-warehouse transportation.

Finished products of metal packaging are packed on Euro-pallets of 1200x800 mm in size. The height of the pallet can be formed at the customer's request.

The large area of the finished product warehouse allows to ensure the availability of the necessary number of product stocks for customers, which significantly increases the efficiency of shipments.

A convenient loading and unloading area is organized, equipped with a sufficient number of warehouse gates. Along with this, full or partial entry of vehicles into the warehouse is provided, which significantly reduces vehicle downtime.

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