Pre-printing department

Pre-printing process, which is well organized at the enterprise, significantly improves the quality and reduces the time required to complete orders for lithography.

Prompt production of samples
Own design workshop
High-tech equipment

Pre-printing preparation is the basis of the process of tin coating, which determines the quality of printing and the appearance of the future product. The process is a set of measures that precede offset printing on metal, allowing to reproduce an exact copy of the original layout (samples of finished products) using the printing process, as well as to take into account and correct any error that may occur. The department employees carry out the following actions:

  1. adaptation of the finished layout for cutting, development, coordination and approval of graphic design;
  2. verification and approval on the final version of the lithography layout;
  3. preparing the lithograph layout for printing (taking into account potential problems, correcting print colors, in particular using PMS colors to replace CMYK, trapping, color correction-ensuring high-quality reproduction of saturated colors, preventing bitmap gaps, etc.);
  4. production of a contract color test that imitates the colors of the print, taking into account the color of the white enamel on which the lithograph is applied. Color proofing allows to accurately reproduce Pantone colors and a full color CMYK bitmap image;
  5. preparation of layouts (electronic installations) on a printed sheet;
  6. manufacture (release) of printed forms.

The pre-printing department of ZTI METALPAK enterprise is equipped with modern, high-tech equipment for displaying CTP forms from AGFA Graphics, CTP AGFA AVALON, ApogeePrepress software, and an EPSON color-proof printer with a built-in spectrophotometer. This equipment can significantly reduce the preparation time for printing and accelerate the lithography production process.

The equipment of CTP AGFA AVALON makes it possible to produce up to 27 printing plates in 1 hour, with an alignment accuracy of up to 4 microns and a high resolution of 2400 dpi 175-200 lpi.

We can create forms for reproducing complex highly artistic design projects with a large number of print colors, thin lines and small text, full-color and halftone screens, as well as apply in design such printing effects on pure tin as imitation of metal and shades of gold.

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